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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> it is 6:00 a.m. and the top story this monday january 14th is the cold weather. the james lick freeway carry out looking over separate cisco and it is really cold out there. we want to start off outside visiting with will tran who is standing by this morning with the latest on the cold weather he is seeing. you are out in livermore right? >> i am out in livermore and it is below freezing. i can't complain because the last time you saw me it was
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31 degrees. according to the thermometer is still 31 so at least it is not dropping. this is probably a lot warmer than it will be as the morning moves on. you cannot see the wind chill right now because the trees are empty but we will walk a little further to give you a perfect example. even though it says 31 degrees if you add the wind chill it really burns your ears. look at the flag and how it is blowing right now. league for all over the place on the freeway driving here. if you leave from livermore definitely bumbled bundle up. sam francisco of 10 degree
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>> we are taking a look at how cold it is. in the next few hours we will see temperatures getting even colder. >> there is a wind chill of 28 degrees dress like it is in the '20s. san mateo is also at the freezing level, a sunnyvale, novato is just one degree above that freezing mark. the area and i were comparing our boats this morning to keep our legs warm. 36 degrees in daly city, 37 richmond, a vallejo you are at 31. widespread 30's but as we get closer to summarize these numbers will drop. for
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this morning it was clear and cold and we had a freeze warning. we will talk about that in just a minute. it will still be a cool day but this evening will be clear with a calm wind. in the north bay and east bay for 9:00 temperatures are expected to be in the '20s and '30s. we could see some slick spots and also said the clara valley is also under the freeze warning. you could see the future color by 8:00 this morning is still in the 30's like oakland livermore san jose. close to the water we're looking at temperatures in the 40's. by noon we can see the blue which means we will still be in the 40's. not a whole lot of warming up today. we will only get up to the upper 50s in some spots. we will have plenty of sunshine though. high pressure is are dominant weather factor here we will
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see lots of sunshine. i do not see any storms coming through and that seven day forecast. we were talking about alaska being warmer and their actually getting balmy weather. lower 50s and sunnyvale and fremont 52 degrees for fremont. >> if you have fasttrack you are doing all right, you do not have any slowdowns to contend with. traffic is starting to back up to the end of the parking lot. we're not seeing any delays for you coming from the nimitz freeway. a quick commute check, like conditions for most freeways and their little sluggish on westbound 580 coming of the optima past. south bay traffic looks good, no problems on the peninsula and we're holding on to consistent drive times as we're coming out of the north bay.
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>> one person suffered minor injuries falling overnight fire in an apartment building in berkeley. it happened in the 1400 block of bancroft way it near acted street. there fire was reported as after midnight and was knocked down quickly. one person was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. >> live people are recovering this morning after being shot in oakland. the incident happened at the home on seminary avenue shortly before 8 last night. we are told all five victims are in stable condition and police say the suspects left the scene in a car in are still on the loose. a marin city man is spent custody after police say he forces way into a san francisco won the support and assaulting her. officers arrested 25 year old jovan
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jones saturday after they were called to the woman's telegraph hill apartment by a neighbor. jones tried to escape by jumping off a balcony. he was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of suspicion of rape, burglary, robbery and other charges. >> he would stay sometimes with relatives and santa rosa and with people and palo obama. he was last alive on thursday evening in santa rosa and authorities are still trying to determine how his body got to petaluma. >> we now know the atlanta falcons will face off against the san francisco 49ers next sunday. the falcons/seahawks game was a nail biter. with the falcons
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blowing a 20 point lead in the fourth quarter and then winning with a 49 yd field goal. some niners fans wanted seattle to win yesterday because the nfc championship game with a been played at the stick instead of an atlanta up. >> i really think deep in their hearts the niners would rather play atlanta and seattle. >> i want them to play at home but seattle looks really good. on the road is obviously a little tougher but either way i feel the niners are a better team. >> the atlanta falcons are the no. 1 seed the severed as the 49ers are the no. 2 seed. the game is noon our time. >> a live look at traffic on the golden gate bridge.
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everyone is at an adam early this morning and we will have the latest on your temperatures in your neighborhood coming up in a bit. southern california has a cold snap they are dealing with as well. we will tell you about the set we can freezing temperatures they had and how that will affect your breakfast. we will be right back. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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>> sixth and a
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>> we're watching bay temperatures right now. we of 31 degrees and concord is a degree below freezing this morning. if you can actually see the weather visually outside frost as on the window. take a picture! e- mail it to us at breaking news at kron4 dot com. or vote posted on our facebook page. >> we are just completing that were cold with this is real concern for the crops in the central part of the state. two of the cold spots we're seeing in the los angeles area of the sam fernandez and san gabriel valervalleys sauce subfreezing temperatures are the weekend. in fact, los angeles set a record low of 35 this morning. that it's
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25 degrees in fresno, 36 degrees in palm springs. growers in the central valley are saying the crops probably avoided significant damage. citrus industry officials say it temperatures were cold enough to cause trouble but did not stay that way long enough to cause measurable damage to oranges or lemons. >> after months of dropping, gas prices are back on the upswing. the average u.s. price of a gallon of gas has surged 7¢ in the last three weeks. in california the lowest average was $3.46 and sacramento and high as $3.65 in bakersfield. the statewide average for a gallon of regular gas was up a dime to $3.59. today's gas prices averaged around the bay area and san francisco $3.67 in oakland at $3.58 and in san jose $3.59. >> coming up we are
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>> 650 and the latest on the
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forecast this morning it is cold. that is the best i can put it. let's see if any can do better >> there are wind chills in the upper 20s and santa rosa is 32 but it feels like the upper 20s. the bout is at 20 degrees and that is below the freezing level of 32. sam francisco is our warm spot at 40 degrees this morning. also in oakland. 32 for sunnyvale and 31 for vallejo. a cold start for a lot of locations and this is why we have a freeze warning in effect. not for the entire bay area but the north bay the east bay and santa clara. temperatures are expected to be in the 20's and '30's during the coldest our right around sunrise. watch out for some slick spots this morning. i only show you this this morning because the winds have picked up a little bit. novato at 9 mi. per hour of redwood city 9. when the
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wind picks up it fills colder because the wind chill factor. it also helps mix the atmosphere up and allows us actually not get as cold which is why we don't have a widespread freeze warning in effect. this afternoon expect lots of sunshine even though will be a cold day with the sun. tomorrow on others cold start and we could see some widespread frost once again. we of warmer conditions coming this way and even the weekend looks pretty good. future cast four temperature wise the pink indicates the 30's. at 8:00 this morning a lot of us will still be in these very cold territory closer to the water out towards san francisco and san mateo. putting this into motion by noon of lot of us are only in the '40's. a lot of us are not making it into the 60s today. highs for
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today san jose is topping out in the lower '50s. 7 day around the bay shows lots of sunshine and a cold start this morning but tomorrow morning and by thursday we warm things up. milder for thursday and friday closer to mid-60s for a lot of locations. maybe some upper 60s of the south bay perhaps? the time is 6:18 a.m. and here is traffic. >> taking a look at the back
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up to the bay bridge toll plaza fasttrack has been slowed down. the major allies are active in your best bet is probably the nimitz freeway. no axes to report, it is not a hot spot is a typical back up out of oakland into san francisco. the san mateo bridge is looking good and we have not seen any slowdowns. this is westbound 92 just past the toll plaza. top speeds approaching the high-rise art about 13 to 4 minute it's on the span and southbound 1 01. it is busy heading out of stamford's is go into the north bay. the drive time is holding steady for those of you coming out of about up. highway 92 and skyway boulevard, a black ice reported and three of the lanes repor. westbound 580
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is traffic coming out of tracy on 2 05 over the altamont pass we are seeing a lot of steady yellow indicating speeds averaging 35 mi. per hour. drive time is about 35 minutes from tracy to the 580 interchange. that is pretty typical as you head out to work or school. in the south bay a lot of green on the roadways but so is still a and enjoyable commute. no problems on westbound to 37. >> keeping our eyes on wall street investors hoping the two week rally will continue with indexes up for the last two weeks. the dow up 53 last week the s&p up five anddaq up 24. the s and p hitting its highest level since december 2007. the dessert tray slightly positive this morning. earnings season continues this week with a big banks reporting including j.p. morgan and chase and golden stacks on
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wednesday in bank of america and city group on thursday. we saw sam francisco bank wells fargo fall on friday despite a record quarter quarterly profit. investors were concerned about shrinking profit margins. apple's shares are falling right now and pre-market trading down to 5 02 a share. apple was over seven us share. after report came out showing a cut in parts of orders of the iphone five on weaker than expected demand. >> the biggest hours of film and tv gather for a grand party last night. >> a night of stars, surprises and so what to oscar. argo 1 b best film and then have liked scored best director for the film.
6:23 am
>> claim as a rap song as the best category. best supporting actress went to ann hathaway. >> thank you for this lovely blunt object that i will for ever more used as a weapon against cells of doubt. >> it was a to fill the prize for steven spielberg's link and failing to wind out of seven categories nominated except for daniel day lewis is going globe for best actor and a drop. the second surprise was a film clip and deduction for former president bill clinton. >> what is an exciting special guest, that was hillary clinton's has been. tina fey and amy polar hosted the event and were also nominees.
6:24 am
>> everyone is getting loose now that we are all losers. >> girls also won best television comedy and second year in row homeland prevailed in the best drama up category as well as best actor. jodie foster received a cecil b. demille award for her 47 years and the service. >> i was telling you the jodie foster is 50 because as a 47 your achievement. she has been doing this since she was 3. >> will be back with more and a minute.
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>> president obama will be holding a press conference at 815 this morning. we hear he will be making remarks about his final weeks of his first term in part in his presidency. his second term begins one week from today. another developing story and maryland more than 20 experts will be meeting at a summit on reducing the imbalance and america. new
6:28 am
york city michael bloomberg will be speaking. tomorrow vice president bided well offer his recommendations of the white house on how to deal with gun violence in the u.s.. >> residents and the town conn are facing a difficult decision one month after the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary school. should the building be torn down turned to the mehserle museum or should be reopened? residents packed a high school auditorium to discuss the issue as the town struggles to deal with the tragedy. opinions vary on what to be dealt with the building. the town's sensibility traged
6:29 am
>> my own opinion is i don't wanna see the land and buildings stay empty. >> president obama has made it clear that he is ready for a fight over his response to this and trying to get more done control. the nra is gearing up for a battle to end says that eight of assault weapons ban battle to end says that eight of assault weapons ban would get staples is the number 1 office super store ink retailer in america. battle to end says that eight of assault weapons ban would get now get $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle when you spend $50 on hp ink. staples, that was easy.
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>> opening bell on wall street and two straight winning weeks for the nasdaq and it looks like we are going to be starting up a bit lower this morning futures were down 15 points. apple was down to $501 a sale at 18 1/2 dollars right
6:32 am
now. stock is dropping $200 since september. they are cutting parts orders for the iphone five. we will have more coming up with our financial expert at 645. >> time is now 630 a m and the san francisco 49ers are in the nfc championship game for the second straight year. the niners will take on the falcons on sunday in atlanta and kickoff is at noon time. more problems for boeing's 787 dream liner this morning japan airlines has reported a fuel leak and seven at 87 during an inspection yesterday. more on the story is a few minutes. and we're waking up to cold weather in the bay area avery's advisory is in effect for interior valleys and the north bay until 9:00 this morning. >> what did james' side?
6:33 am
silly? (laughter) it is not a silly and that studio --chilly but it is out here. 29 degrees out, one of the cold this morning as we have seen. yesterday it was really cold out and we have a freeze advisory in effect today. my pipes froze. i woke up yesterday morning and turned on the faucet and i had no water. today feels colder though. there is a slight breeze and the windchill makes it really cold. you can't really feel that by adding weather and it just blows
6:34 am
right through you. >> i thought your pipes would freeze if you don't have your heat on? how did that happen? >> i have the heat on. i don't live in a tent. my pipes are insulated. they rose yesterday. i turned the water and nothing came out it was around 10:00 a.m.. >> i keep my heat really low, that is a good morning. also the credit card i have to use it to scrap the window. >> we want to take a look at where we're seeing some of the coldest weather. jackie sissel is in the north bay in will tran is in livermore. >> center rose as >> tail and sunnyvale are
6:35 am
all walking up to freezing conditions. this is why we is to a freeze at warning in those locations including the north bay. i want to talk about these numbers here. you can see what you are waking up to. a lot of 30's and vallejo 33 in sunnyvale 37 in hayward and fremont 30 degrees for and about an hour and balmy spot is downtown san francisco 40 degrees. the phrase warning in effect this morning where 20s and a lot of 30's are expected as we continue through the morning hours. watch out for slick spot an icy wind chills and sidewalks. colder temperatures usually take place right before sunrise. >> we do not have any problems for most of the bay area, just a couple of spots. the bay bridge toll
6:36 am
plaza is a bit of the weight there. it looks like it is not as delayed for those of you coming down the nimitz freeway. we have reports of a big rig with a flat tire that is affecting traffic in the fast lane. no major problems in the east bay, south bay moving just fine. the peninsula we have reports of black ice on highway 92 and sky boulevard. it fall back on traffic and live cameras and drive times in my next report. >> watching what's going on with washington today be national rifle association of says its has enough support in congress to block any new laws that would ban assault weapons. this comes as vice president joe biden finalizes a package of recommendations to curb gun violence. he is expected to meet today with house members and to discuss ways to reduce gun violence. is
6:37 am
expected to give president obama a comprehensive package i of recommendations tomorrow. some lawmakers said the december massacre and new town conn that killed 27 people as transform the country and americans are ready for stricter gun laws. the recommendations that are expected of background checks for ever when purchasing a gun even at gun shows and a ban on high- capacity ammo clips. >> is that of the elite for baiting boeing's 787 dream liner. japan airlines reported a fuel leak at an inspection yesterday in the aircraft reportedly was the same one that had a fuel leak in boston last week. japan's all nippon airways
6:38 am
has experienced a fuel leak a caught it when the crack and a computer malfunction and 787 skull and cancellations of several domestic flights. the government said last week the 787 is safe to fly though it lost a probe last week in to the cause of various problems >> social me as going crazy and 49 hours of posting this pictures. basically everything they did with the cboe betebowing is now copernicaning. we want to see the pictures and videos of your best copernican
6:39 am
pose. those on our facebook page kron4 newsperson them to breaking news @ kron4 .com and we will share them through out the morning.
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>> good morning 648 m and we have been waking up with a lot of cold mornings in the last month. look at about the is 30 and napa is so cold it is not even registering (laughter) everyone is hovering in the 30's and we think it colder in the next hour. >> the winner of the north american car of the year as the cadillac 80 s. >> the winners at the auto show word american cars. the cadillac 80 past and ram
6:43 am
1500 pick up by the north american car and truck of the year winners. the winners were unveiled this morning in detroit. part i was word the cadillac 80 s, ford fusion, and honda accord. struck a utility vehicle five was were the ford c. max, mas said see acts 5, and the ram. sampras is the giant clothes are brian wilson who missed last season with his second album surgery worked out privately for the new york mets. wilson had 36 saves for the giants at in 2011 is a free agent and it is not clear at the giants worked out a deal with the bearded one. after sergio romo stepped into the clothes are a whole during the world series.
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645 a m and this standards
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as the 49ers are going to take on the atlanta falcons. kickoff is at noon. the winner will go to the super bowl and we will talk abouto gary radnich about collin kaepernick. i am eyes as a the joe biden will meet with members of the house of representatives today to discuss ways to curb gun violence. it expected to give president obama recommendations for the legislation tomorrow. the nra says it has enough support in congress to block a ban on assault wall weapons. >> the dow was that a floating around right now we're off to points. rob black joining us now and we
6:48 am
were just talking about the auto show. american cars are really nice again and winning awards. >> i think american companies said we have to focus on product if we're going to get bailed out. ford has done great through out the entire process. that's when the american truck of the year is almost unheard of. long story short it is nice to see. i think more americans are causes of buying american cars, especially if they're good. if you go back a generation or two when we were teenagers we knew that the japanese made better cars than americans dead. we saw them in movies. >> then we had chrysler with a big bailout and lee iacocca. we surge and then we thought behind and then we seem to surge again. >> it is almost like the
6:49 am
smart bomb market where everyone can have a good product. the died at 1600 is 24 mi. to the gallon the penny on how you drive it. i am not one that has bought american but in the recent the economy and improvement in quality i am willing to put my teenage years behind me and say american cars are good. >> america is back! >> in september apple at problems with phone supplies. >> apple had a really good year last year overall. >> is a big pullback from its all-time highs. the question is does it break away of microsoft and h-p and become old tired
6:50 am
technology company that cannot read and then to itself? or with $100 billion in cash today build more to users to look for value. is this just a blip? the big story is the cutting iphone orders and that is not a big story. they had problems with their maps, they're no longer cool to teenagers. in 10 to 15 years do i think this will be a microsoft? i do a i don't think they will age gracefully. they have a good product at this point in time but not a great product. they need to improve their services and their software. the stock has gone sideways h-p it is up and their numbers for
6:51 am
computers sold. everyone tries to play this game and gave it and i think apple is great >> we will check back with wrapped with winners and losers on wall street. >> we have a very cold conditions this morning james. the coldest spot is looking at our numbers san jose coming in at 33 just a degree above the freezing level. san arouse a san mateo said a bell mobile is all at the freezing mark of 32 degrees. fremont is at 33 and will send wind chill is in places like santa rosa and the upper 20s. 39 degrees in downtown san francisco and 40 still in oakland. 36 in redwood city and 364 1/2 monday. 33 and concord and livermore
6:52 am
fremont and pleasanton is coming in at 37. it is a very cold start. we a freeze warnings in effect for the north bay and the santa clara valley. temperatures are expected to be in the '20s. mostly stayiwatch out forx spots this morning. we do have at some winds that are 7 mi. for nevado 3 in oakland this is a good and bad thing. it is a windy vintagers have nothing to do with the wind chill it keeps temperatures for being too cold even though we have dry air mats. this is why we don't have a freeze warning for the entire bay area. it was canceled for severance is go and the bay shoreline this morning. a freeze warning is in effect for the east bay. this afternoon, lots of sunshine but it will
6:53 am
still be on the cold side. warming conditions coming this way and we'd do as a drag said the forecast as well. a lot of us are not warming up and to the '60s and most of us are seeing the upper 40's and low 50s for today. tonight we will cool down into the 30's by 88:00. high pressure is and it's and control in the storm is staying away but the jet stream south of us as popping and cold air. low fifties for san jose and milpitas. the east bay temperatures the low fifties for walnut creek in danville. the north bay is also tapping out in the lower '50s. 7 day around the bay forecast called again tomorrow lots of sunshine. milder for thursday and friday friday is the mildest day and sunday is also
6:54 am
looking pretty nice. i am not taking it outside to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza >> you will have to wait if you're coming from the east shore freeway are westbound 580. in the was the approach the metering lights on. the drive time is still under 15 minutes towards foster city. southbound 1 01 has been pretty quiet for those of you coming out of william county. we're starting to back up to 42 right were meets the cellphone 680. red and yellow indicates speeds below 25 mi. an hour. the good news is we do see an improvement with no delays whatsoever on westbound 24 toward the cut caldecott tunnel. we have reports of black ice on highway 92 right at the skyline boulevard. >> the time no 653 and coming up next washington is ready for president obama as
6:55 am
inauguration next week. new this morning the white house is making it easier for you to be a part of the ceremony to. we'll be back with the details. ñçñçñnñmññoñmñw?çç
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6:57 am
6:58 am
>> 656 and there is now and app for president obama is second in moderation. the presidential inauguration committee plans to announce today as created in iphone and android app that enables people to follow next week's events as obama is sworn in for a second term. the apple provide light streamed video of inaugural events including the swearing in ceremony. the entire race as next monday, january 21st. the big >> the big story this morning is the freezing temperatures. as a live look at san revell. another check of the forecast of just two
6:59 am
minutes. last december to go 49ers and we at looking ahead as a team is ready for the big game next sunday. and a big night in hollywood at what everyone is talking about from the golden globe awards. will be back with the kron4 morning news in just two minutes.
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